Sewing is a lost art, or almost.�� My wife enjoys sewing and she is always there when I need a button replaced.  I’m glad to see the art continues to live on in with the kids at St. Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, NH.  Named the Shamrock Sewers, the group is making masks for anyone who needs one according to  Just last year, the St. Patrick Academy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire started a sewing class that originated out of the idea of the school nurse, Laverne Burridge who constructed several of the costumes for the school plays.

Since we have transitioned to distance learning, the kids in the sewing club were all in on the idea of making masks. Laverne Burridge, who runs the club of students said, “And then when this situation with the virus came up, it didn’t take many conversations to talk them into making masks.”  The school has a long tradition of community service and focuses on such projects as part of its “virtues” program.  Helping others is great practice for kids to grow into compassionate adults.  One student, Caterina Hutt told “I like making the masks because I really like helping our community and all my friends and family.”

So far, the Shamrock Sewers have donated 426 face masks for friends, family, local businesses, and first responders. They will make one for anyone that requests one in their community.  They purchase the material themselves to create these unique works of love and compassion.  They range in age from 9 to 12 years old. In addition to helping their community and having fun, they are learning and mastering sewing skills that will last a lifetime.  When I ask my daughter to help sew a button, she says “just ask Mom.”  I wish my daughter had followed in her mothers’ footsteps and learned to sew.  It’s never too late to master a new skill so perhaps I will sit with my wife and learn how to hem my pants, or at least move the button a little to the side when I gain a little weight.  Sew on Shamrock Sewers!








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