Janet Langlois Balch took to the Happenings around Manchester NH Facebook page to share something positive she saw in the East End of town. Someone put a bench in front of their house with a sign that reads, "Have a Seat & Stay Awhile" along with free dog treats. Janet pointed out that in the midst of our most trying times a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

Janet Langlois Balch via Facebook
Janet Langlois Balch via Facebook



Some proud people in the comments proclaimed that this photo was taken in their neighborhood! According to the comments, this setup is courtesy of Daniel and David on Holt St. They are just a generous souls and nice people. You should see what they give out to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween! Something tells me they are a king size candy bar kind of house! What a gem!

If you see something that puts a smile on your face in your own community, snap a picture and share it with others! The chances are they could really use something to smile about. I would much rather see this kind of stuff on my news feed than people arguing about politics.

IDEA: Can there be a designated social media site for the people who want to argue about politics? And then the rest of us can live in peace and harmony with our photos of sunsets and cute puppies? Just a thought.

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