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The Good Stuff: A street performer in Boston was covering a Lumineers song and one of the actual members of the band (Jerimiah) walked by, heard it, and joined in! Jerimiah then personally invited the street performer to the Lumineers show in Mansfield, MA!

Famous People 411: There is drama with the new Top Gun movie, and the producers have a lawsuit on their hands. UH OH! Also Adam Sandler is dropping a new movie on Netflix tomorrow that he produced with Lebron James. It's called "Hustle".

Adam Sandler had a very embarrassing injury that involved his own iPhone flying up into the air and hitting him in the head. There was bloodshed! It caused a whole slew of amazing calls.

*FAVORITE CALL* 22-year-old Leandra slipped a disk in her back from scooping ice cream at her job last summer. She has since left her job at the ice cream shop to avoid future injuries.

Second Date Update w/Shea and Tim: YIKES! Tim didn't have an interest in seeing Shea again because he said that she had no hobbies. She got very emotional, because this was the first time she's ever been rejected. Needless to say, there was no second date.

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