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The Good Stuff: A 5-year-old girl from England is now the youngest published author in the Guinness Book of World Records. She wrote a book about a cat who got lost and learned a valuable lesson! If she's already publishing books at the age of 5, imagine what she will do at 20...

What small thing makes your irrationally mad? I can't stand when people take calls on speaker phone in public. What makes you think I want to hear your business? NEWS FLASH: I do not! You are disturbing my peace and uncentering my Chi. Knock it off!

How do you feel about couples sleeping in separate rooms? This is becoming more common than ever, but many people still hold on to the tradition that a married couple should go to bed at the same time and share a MARITAL BED. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms during the week because I go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4am, while he goes to bed at 12am and wakes up at 8am. We're on different schedules, and got tired of waking each other up. It has been very beneficial to our marriage, and obviously we have slumber parties on weekends.

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