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The Good Stuff: We love when something good happens at one of our station events! There was an unexpected ending to our cornhole competition at Bernie's Beach Bar the other night! The winner decided to share her grand prize with the couple who came in second place and now all four of them are headed to Wildwood, New Jersey to the Barefoot Country Music Festival! I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING!

Famous People 411: Famous people are just like us. They like to spend 8 hours on the couch binge watching their favorite shows. Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw are currently binging Succession and Ted Lasso! Good choices!

Logan's Plus One Dilemma: A friend of Logan's asked for a plus one to his wedding but Logan hasn't met his new girlfriend. How would you handle this? Boy did the calls come pouring in!

Kan't Beat Kira: Aleesia from Dover was a first timer and she CRUSHED IT by tying me! She and her sister are going to have so much fun at the Kane Brown concert in Gilford.

Second Date Update: Derek was ghosting Kendall because she wore a crop top to a family party he invited too. He sounded like a judgy jerk and personally I think she is better off without him! Rock that crop top with pride, Kendall!

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