My advice for anyone who is about to go through the process of wedding dress shopping is to remember that it is supposed to be FUN! At the end of the day, you get to have a big ole party with everyone you love to celebrate you and your person finding each other! AND you get to wear a beautiful dress and everyone looks at you like you're a princess all night.

So here are a few tips that I found helped made my dress shopping experience more enjoyable! You can take 'em or leave 'em but I loved how this weekend went and wouldn't change a thing!

See what you Find Pinteresting

Kira Lew via Pinterest
Kira Lew via Pinterest

At first, I was all like "I don't need a Pinterest page, I know what I like!" But then I realized wow there is a lot out there that I like. I needed to narrow it down so I can make the best use of my appointment. What I loved about Madeleine's Daughter is they request the link to your Pinterest page before you even go so they have an idea of what you are leaning towards. (in your head anyway)

Make it a thing!

What I mean by this is don't just have your appointment and everyone goes home after.(womp womp) We made a mother daughter weekend in Portsmouth out of this excursion and that was just awesome! My mom, her best friend and her daughter (who happens to be one of my besties) made sure I was having fun every step of the way.

Have a little bubbly

It is such an exciting time to be trying on wedding dresses whether or not you find "the dress" that day, it calls for a celebration.

Have a Big Breakfast

And no..I'm not referring to our morning show. It will help calm your nerves and you won't be able to concentrate on the task at hand if you are hangry! I know it's not the standard move before you try on wedding dresses but fun always outweighs practical. Here is my mom and me at the Roundabout Diner, pre appointment.

Here I am feeling really full but not of regret after the omelet.

Once it was finally time to walk into Madeleine's Daughter I felt well rested, fed and loved. And what more do you really need?

The loving feeling continued when I got to Madeleine's Daughter. It was clear that they were going to make sure that my experience was special and unique to me. And my stylist Kristin!? A SAINT!

More on her on my next blog where I'll show you all the dresses I tried on. The good the bad and the "you should probably take that one off now". Plus you can found out if I found "The Dress".

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