I know that once you hit a certain age, you're not supposed to be obsessed with your birthday anymore. It's cute when you are a kid and you have a Dora the Explorer themed party and all your friends come over for cake and presents. But it feels like society wants me to pretend my birthday is like any other day and I refuse to buy into it.

Birthdays are exciting! It is the day you stepped on the scene and started being you! I am not saying that everyone has to kiss your feet and shower you with gifts  (though it would be nice) but I think a little celebration never hurt nobody!


Let's take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we? To a little day I like to call May 27th, 1988

On this day my parents were about to embark on a weekend getaway to our family's Cape House. My mom was three weeks from her due date and thought traveling was in the cards, but I had different plans. Mama Lew felt a weird pang in her stomach and would have just ignored it but she wanted to play it safe since she was leaving town so she called her doctor. He told her to come into the hospital RIGHT AWAY. This was cutting in mama's Memorial Day Weekend plans and she was not too pleased. When she got to the hospital it was one of those "the baby is coming" kind of moments. She called Papa Lew and informed him they weren't going to be going to the Cape that weekend because she was having a baby instead. I came into this world three weeks early and Mama Lew likes to joke that that was the last time I was early for anything. (she's not wrong)

So that is the story of how I came into this world! I hope you enjoyed it. As promised here is a little poem I wrote about turning 33:

"Now I wake in the middle of the night to pee 🚽
I prioritize my eye health cuz I can no longer see.
I refuse to part my hair down the middle, despite Gen Z
And a new book on my Kindle fills my heart with glee

But a good fart joke still makes me laugh, you see!
And I will happily shake my white ass to Cardi B
So the way I see it I’m still young wild and free
Because age is just a number, and mine is 33"



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