It was horrifying, frustrating, and draining, but nothing could be done.  A group of white supremacists marched and demonstrated in front of the popular Kittery Trading Post on Route 1 in Kittery, Maine, and as the majority of you can imagine, it sickened them.

According to their Facebook and Instagram pages, Kittery Trading Post employees and owners did everything they legally could to have these protestors of equality, supporters of racial segregation, and believers that the white race is the superior race be removed. Since this small group was on public property, even when standing and demonstrating directly in front of Kittery Trading Post, they made sure to stay just off of the store's property, giving them every legal right to be there.

So the store did the next best thing, and released this statement on social media to make sure anyone and everyone can see, share, or pass on the word that this business doesn't want anyone to connect this vile group to the store.

A small group of protestors was observed by Kittery Trading Post staff and customers demonstrating along Route 1 in Kittery.  Despite management reporting the group to Kittery law enforcement, they were allowed to continue as they were on public property. They remained on public property despite, at times, being directly in front of our business, so our attempts to have them removed were futile. This group of activists were displaying signs regarding racial segregation and white supremacy. Kittery Trading Post as a business and a community member, strongly condemns this group and their demonstration.


Kittery Trading Post via Instagram
Kittery Trading Post via Instagram

Thank you, Kittery Trading Post, for speaking out!  We support you and are behind you 100%.  And if anyone reads the comments on both their Facebook and Instagram, it's no surprise that everyone is disgusted that this group exists.

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