Serious big love to Big Kahunas Café and Grill for their support of breastfeeding moms.  The Merrimack, New Hampshire establishment welcomes breastfeeding moms and has an awesome sign that lets moms know they are honored and respected in their place of business.  My wife breastfed all of our children and when we were out and about with our kids, finding someplace private was not always possible when the babies got hungry.


Even though she covered up with a blanket, I was always shocked at the dirty looks she got.  She had an experience at a doctor’s office that was so upsetting.  She had been waiting with our youngest son, Tristan for over an hour and the little guy was getting fussy because he was missing his meal.  My wife discretely placed him under a blanket and opened her nursing shirt to feed him and the office manager immediately came out and said: “you can’t do that here!”  An older man stood up and my wife feared he was going to admonish her for breastfeeding, but he told the office manager “the lad wants his lunch, we can’t see anything wrong with that and prefer happy babies to screaming ones!”  She will never forget that man’s kindness.


I applaud the Big Kahunas Café & Grill for putting up a sign to let breastfeeding moms know they are welcome and honoring and respecting the mother’s choice to breastfeed!

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