No matter which side you are in the face mask debate, Ella Tryon will inspire you.  Ella Tyron from Laconia was using her love of sewing to make some extra money for her 8th grade trip by making hair scrunchies last year according to  She was doing very well with her little start-up business by selling the scrunchies to hair salons and local shops.  Now, in her freshman year at Laconia High School, she made the switch to sewing masks to help her community and beyond.  Ella Tyron has made hundreds of masks, selling them for just $5 per mask and has received requests from all over the county.


She tells, “Most people around here, like people from my mom’s gym and stuff, buy them, but I’ve had people from Arizona and Colorado and sent a few to Massachusetts.”   It’s a lovely story about a young entrepreneur that adapted to the times, but it gets even better. Not only was she helping people by creating the masks, and the cost of which usually went to cover her supplies, she was making money.  What do kids do when they make money?  They usually save for something cool like a new phone or a bike, but Ella loves milk. And that got her thinking.  She loves milk so much and saw so much suffering between people needing food and the struggling local dairy farmers that she took her profits and BOUGHT 101 gallons of milk.

She tells that she ‘wanted to support local farmers.’ The milk was then donated to Carey House, a shelter in Laconia and the Salvation Army.  By following her passion for sewing she helped many by creating masks to keep them safe from COVID-19, she helped local farmers by buying milk and she is helping those in need of milk, get the milk they need.  If Google or Bill Gates doesn’t hire this girl after she graduates from school, they are crazy.  Can we put her in Government somewhere?  It sounds like she has a bright future ahead of her.  Way to go Ella!  I share your love of milk.



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