Although the Laconia Motorcycle Week was downsized, it still drew large crowds according to reporting from  The event is traditionally held in June but due to the shut down in the Granite State, the organizers of the event reschedule to this week in hopes that the coronavirus would be under control.  Sadly, we are still dealing with it.  The event’s deputy director, Jennifer Anderson said in a statement according to “The emphasis on this year’s Laconia Motorcycle Week will be on safety.

While we recognize that New Hampshire is faring remarkably better than most in this pandemic, many riders will be coming in from out of state and we want to ensure the public we are taking every precaution to protect their safety, such as promoting the use of face mask when not riding, regular sanitization of public surfaces through sanitization experts… and purposely planning at a toned-down version of our rally to minimize large gatherings.”

It does not appear that many got the message on mask-wearing.  Judging from some of the photos of the event on Saturday, it appears that the sidewalks were packed wall to wall people with little to no social distancing and very few masks insight. Now that the restriction on indoor dining has been lifted it should be noted that standing at bars is still not permitted.  Some pubs decided it was better safe than sorry and closed down for the week just to avoid the chance of receiving high fines or worse, losing their liquor licenses.  Let’s hope we don’t see a spike in cases in the next two weeks.  New Hampshire has fought hard to stay on top of this pandemic, and I want to stay ahead.


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