Did you know that in addition to all the majestic, cool stuff a bald eagle does they can ice skate also?  Those talons are not just good for picking up fish, they are used for pro-level ice skating on lakes.

According to Yahoo.com, a clip captured by New Hampshire resident Matthew Moore went viral. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, the video clip that Matthew Moore captured is truly amazing.

I expected David Attenbourgh from one of those nature shows to be narrating it: The eagle hunting approaches his prey looking a bit unsure on the ice but then just decides to go for it and turns the pursuit into a very talented skating routine. Could this eagle make the Olympics?

I would be willing to watch the animals on ice routines for hours.  The Bald Eagle is a remarkable species whose adaptations to the environment have ensured its survival all these years.

I got a chance to see one up close at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia and I was stunned at their huge size.

According to yahoo.com, the clip of the eagle ice skating on Lake Winnipesaukee went viral after WYFF News 4 posted a version of the clip from WMUR-TV and put guitar music in the background.  T

hanks, to Matthew Moore for his quick thinking to capture this priceless video.  I think I would be too stunned to even think about trying to get my phone out and get it on video.



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