Do you remember anything about what your class president said at your high school graduation? No shade to my class president, but I couldn't tell you a single thing he said in his speech that day. Granted, it was quite a few years ago.

Most graduation speeches are different iterations of the same message: "Wherever life takes you next, don't forget the valuable lessons you learned during these four years." And also, "WE DID IT!" (if you know, you know).

Something tells me the graduates of Apponequet Regional High School in Lakeville, Massachusetts, will never forget the speech their class president, Mason Macuch, made at their graduation ceremony.

Mason's speech is going viral, because he ended by telling his classmates to reach under their chairs. There, they would find a personalized note he wrote just for them, thanking them for what they will later call “the good old days”

Mason Cacuch via Facebook/Canva
Mason Cacuch via Facebook/Canva


If you ware wondering how long this very heartfelt and thoughtful task took Mason, the answer is 10 hours. Not to mention he had to get to the ceremony a few hours early that morning to tape each student's personalized note underneath their chair.

I'm sure there were students he never had a chance to talk to or bond with, but he still managed to write them a personalized note to make them feel special on graduation day.

How amazing is that? Talk about going above and beyond for your fellow graduates!

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