It's a debate we have every year.  When are we out of the freeze zone for the winter?

There are variables, but one thing is certain, the Boston Globe reports New England is warming faster than other parts of the world.

The Atlantic says New England has already had about three weeks of snow shaved off the calendar due to the warming global temperatures.

This means New England winters are changing faster, and so are the dates of the first and last freeze.

The old school of thought was that you are safe from the last freeze of the season after May 15, but that's not the norm anymore thanks to global warming.

The interactive map at shows us the final frost date depends on where you are in New England, and the last light freeze possibility.

A light freeze is between 29-32 degrees F, when "tender" crops are killed. A moderate freeze is between 25-28 degrees F, while a severe freeze is 24 degrees F or colder, which kills most garden variety plants.

Here are some examples of the varying last frost estimates.

Boston, Massachusetts' last freeze is predicted to be April 4, while Manchester, New Hampshire's last frost is expected April 21, and Portland, Maine's is April 26.

Ironically, Western Massachusetts has a last freeze date of May 13, while Meredith, New Hampshire, is April 28, and Sanford, Maine, is May 16.

The warmer winters are concerning for conservationists and the environment. states that "The lack of snow cover is a problem for flora and fauna that have adapted to freezing winters over millennia."  The blanket of snow acts like insulation for the roots during the winter.  If there's snow, then it melts, and then it's cold again, it's a cycle that could make some plants extinct.

While the winters are warmer and the last frost is sooner, it's not necessarily a good thing for our environment.

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