Rick Shaw of the Shaw Brothers passed away on Thursday, according to the Valley Voice, at the Edgewood Centre in Portsmouth.  Rick was 79, as reported by Sallie Macintosh, Ron's Partner, of Kittery.  Rick's brother Ron predeceased him on April 1, 2018


The Shaw Brothers were musical legends here in NH, performing all over the Granite State singing beautiful folk songs including "New Hampshire Naturally," which was named a state song in 1983.  I remember singing along at Prescott Park with all the other families (sometimes thousands) on the lawn:


Oh New Hampshire

New Hampshire is where I want to be

Oh New Hampshire

I love New Hampshire, Naturally.

You can see the Shaw Brothers here performing in Manchester behind the mill buildings with our friend, John Hunter on Bass:

The Shaw Brothers traveled the world playing music and, according to Cuzin Richard's post on Facebook and made famous the first rendition of the Coke Commercial, "Teach the World To Sing."

Thank you for the music, Rick and Ron.  From all who knew you, you were a couple of the good guys.  Summer at the Park will never be the same.

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