I don't think you can name a more iconic toy than the LEGO.

That was certainly a hot take, but seriously. What other toy has kids, adults, and professionals "playing" (building and crafting) for their whole life?

No toy has the longevity the LEGO has and will have.

Even if you do not build LEGOs now (or never did as a kid), seeing what some LEGO masters can do is jaw-dropping. From 20-foot dinosaurs to operating ferris wheels, LEGOs are far more than a kid's toy.

"Art Of The Brick" Exhibition
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I mean, there is a TV show called LEGO Masters, and some of the builds are serious pieces of architecture, remakes of famous people, and even replicas of the world's most famous paintings.

"Art Of The Brick" Exhibition
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Back by popular demand, Maine will be hosting the 2024 LEGO Expo this fall.

The event, happening on October 5-6, is known as BrickUniverse Build it! Tour.

BrickUniverse says the two-day event will showcase multiple professional artists from around the country, allowing visitors to explore incredible LEGO exhibits and works of art. – WGME 

The event will put anyone who has ever played with LEGOs in an instant state of nostalgia. But even if you have not built LEGOs, this event will be wildly fascinating, engaging, and entertaining.

You will not only get the chance to interact with models and LEGO sets, but you can also view some of the best LEGO builds in the history of the product.

The BrickUniverse Build it! Tour takes place in Portland, Maine. Tickets must be purchased online.

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