Long-time listeners know that one of the non-profit groups I work with is The Working Dog Foundation. It's the group that funds and oversees the New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy.Currently training 18 police K-9 Teams in both New Hampshire and Maine. The idea is to provide grants for dogs and associated equipment for local departments to be able to field their own K-9 patrols.

Once a department has a team up and running, that team needs to train regularly to maintain national certification. The New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy provides training one day per week year round which allows teams to achieve or maintain certification. This avoids the need for a department to lose an officer to training for up to 12 consecutive weeks for other training programs.

On a personal note, I'm also proud to be associated with a group of individuals who firmly believe in reward-based training. Nobody is allowed to rough with their dogs in any way. These animals are doing their important work because it's been made into an enjoyable game for them that ends with a positive reward.

All of this takes money of course and that's how you can help. We've done several comedy shows over the past few years and I'm thrilled to announce that we've landed a pretty big comedy fish! Lenny Clarke will be performing Friday night October 24th at the beautiful Music Hall in Portsmouth. Lenny will be joined by 'Tumblin' Jack Walsh and our good friend the amazing Tony V. I promise to tell you how Jack got the 'Tumblin' nickname at the show.

A Friday night in downtown Portsmouth with some fabulous food at one of the zillion nearby restaurants along with a kick-ass comedy line up makes a great date night and you're helping out a great cause. Get your tickets here right now and I will see you there.

Comics For K-9s
Comics For K-9s

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