Portsmouth First Night Celebrations are running short of funds


The past few years have been dicey for planned activities because of the pandemic.  I was happy to hear that the plans to have the annual First Night Celebration to go on this year in Portsmouth.  Sadly, the organizers of the event, Pro Portsmouth are running a little short on funds to pull off the big event according to patch.com.  $15 thousand short to be exact.


Ice Sculptures and Fireworks aren’t free


It’s nearly time to sign contracts for the ice sculpture teams and the fireworks.  Not only are funds needed for covering the contracts, but to ensure safety for the event.  According to patch.com, Barbara Massar, the executive director of the Pro Portsmouth organization, “a sponsor has pledged $3,900 in matching funds for donations made through December 1.  Every donation will be matched dollar for dollar.”


Great Fun, Great Event


Let’s crowdsource this event and help get them off the ground so we can all enjoy the First Night in Portsmouth. I love those ice sculptures.  I can’t imagine putting so much time and effort into something that is going to melt.  Then again, I love the sand sculptures in the summer, and I admire the artists that know it will all be washed away in the surf.  We also need more fireworks in our lives.  We have missed out on too many fireworks celebrations during this pandemic.  If you want to give Pro Portsmouth a donation for the event you can get the website proportsmouth.org/donate/ or you can call 603-433-4398 extension 3.






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