It's hot and your kids are pestering you about how bored they are? You need to make your way to Liquid Planet Water Park in Candia. Slides, zip lines, swimming, splashing and even a spot for the parents to enjoy an adult beverage!

hooray beer!

Okay, I probably shouldn't start off by talking about the bar but seriously-- it's your day out too, right? Of course, you find plenty to do for all ages. The littlest ones will probably want to hang in The Fountain of Youth while the adventure seekers will be making their way to the top of The Shooting Stars.

The Fountain of Youth
The Shooting Stars- Beware of the Wedgie!

You can check out the view of the park from atop Escape Velocity, the new zip line at Liquid Planet!

Naturally, the kids are going to want to eat and Liquid Planet makes a sincere effort to provide a range of choices that won't crush your budget. Linda at I've Been Dipped was happy to share some of the treats she has in store on your next visit!

The Lunch Pad has plenty to offer as well...

mmm, slushies...

Looking for more info? Go to and let them know you got the good word from Roy at WOKQ! It is truly a place where the entire family, not just some of the family, can enjoy the day.