My headache started out as a very dull pain but as the day went on it seemed like everything got really loud. I mean, a normal conversation with someone sounded like they were yelling.

After a while, my head started pounding. I thought it might be what my family calls a ‘food headache,’ because I hadn’t eaten much all day. But, after having dinner, the headache just got worse.

I ended up taking a couple of Excedrin tablets and heading to bed a lot earlier than usual. The following day, the headache was gone, but my head felt like I had a hangover (I didn’t).

I asked our listeners for any home remedies for headaches and some of the ideas I had heard of but some others…like eating potato chips? Really? Well, next time, I’ll at least have an excuse to devour an entire bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips and say it’s research!  The thought of the crunching sound of the chips while my head is pounding doesn't sound like it would be helping, but i'm willing to take one for the team! 

Check out some of the suggestions below that our listeners gave me. Thanks everyone for your input!

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