Times may be tough but all it takes is baby animals to bring a smile to my face. Not only will these cute little lambs bring a smile to your face but here's your chance to name them. There are three new lambs born to the Griffin’s Half Acre Farm on South Street in Portsmouth. The orchard at Griffin’s Half Acre farm has a side that is a busy sidewalk where walkers, bicyclists, and runners can stop and gaze and the cute baby lambs according to seacoastonline.com.

The farm has a rich history in the area. Ruth Griffin, who moved to Portsmouth in 1938 and has served as a state representative, a nurse, a state senator, and has been a member of the Governor’s Executive Council for 20 years. The mother of five lives in the farmhouse next to the farmhouse built by “Grandpa Griffin” in 1896. The farm is a cooperative effort of many members of the Griffin family.

Ruth Griffin has seen so much foot traffic smiling at her new baby lambs she wants the community to pick names for the three new little lambs. Seacoastonline.com reports that the Griffins have been collecting name suggestions in their mailbox next to the sidewalk. Two of the lambs are black and white and one little lamb is mostly black. Whatever their names are the cuteness overload that I needed this week.


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