The owner of Bernie's Beach Bar wanted to buck the popular trend of development into condominiums.

Thanks to one local businessman, the Colony Motel will stay just that.

According to Seacoast Online, Hampton Beach bar owner Al Fleury not only bought the place but is also planning a $2 million project to bring it up to date and into the future.

Earlier this year, Fleury learned the iconic property would be going up for auction, which motivated him for purchase. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to secure financing at the time, and the hotel was sold to an anonymous property investor from Bedford for $930,000, according to Seacoast Online. Fleury then made a deal with that person after financing was secured.

The owner of Wally's Pub, Bernie's Beach Bar, and other properties couldn't stand to lose another monumental property with charm.

He told Seacoast Online “I think it’s important for the beach. We lose hotel rooms every year,” he said. “I just don’t want to turn into one of the beaches that have lost a lot of their charm because of condos.”

The recent trend has been condos over hotels, due to cost efficiency. The 89-year old Colony, at 46 Ashworth Ave. was once considered the “Taj Mahal” among Hampton Beach hotels.

Even if he realizes their is more money in condos, Fleury told Seacoast Online that's beside the point: “If there’s an opportunity to do something that might not be the most lucrative thing, but it betters the beach, I’m good with that.”


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