I’m not kidding.  This is a thing.  For real.  Since so many people are headed to the great outdoors to get away from it all and keep socially distanced from each other, pooping at Long Lake Maine has become a problem.  WGME.com reports that there have been numerous complaints about human poop being left on the shorelines and on private property.  It got so bad that the Lakes Environmental Association has installed port-a-potties near a boat launch.


You might be asking yourself right now, where is Long Lake and how can I avoid it?  Well, it’s in Maine and it's beautiful.  It borders the towns of Bridgton, Naples, and Harrison and is 11 miles long.  Bridgton Town Manager Robert Peabody, Jr. tells WGME.com “When you increase your numbers you certainly increase the number of people who do these types of things.  But that still leaves no excuse for somebody to get off their boat and go on somebody’s property to relieve themselves, I mean that’s just poor upbringing.”


It’s not just rude, unsanitary and gross, it’s against the law. Someone was caught with their pants down, pooping on private property just last month and charged with a disorderly person’s offense according to Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office patrol Sgt. Jim Esterbrook says WGME.com.  This one is tricky because someone must be caught in the act.  Have we really come to this?  Poop before you leave for the day people!  I always scope out where the public restrooms are when I go out to the beach or a lake.  It’s not that hard.  We may be in the midst of a pandemic but have some common decency folks.  Poop at home. Baby wipes anyone? Just kidding...



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