Small businesses are having a tough go of it during this pandemic. You and I have heard this narrative since March. Unfortunately, it is not getting any easier for mom and pop shops to stay afloat during these trying time. It's emotional to see your favorite places struggle especially when they were thriving not that long ago!

Robin Belzil Biundo recently visited one of her favorite small businesses; the BlackBerry Bakery in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Seeing the state of the bakery brought Robin to tears. Apparently there are a few factors that are contributing to BlackBerry's struggles. One is the obvious loss of business due to COVID-19. ALSO there is construction going on in the street in front of their business which never helps. And to top it off, the owner is dealing with health issues :(

Robin was compelled to do something to help so she took to Twitter:

In situations like this, social media can be unbelievably positive and helpful! Last I checked, this post had been shared 351 times and has 427 likes. We can only hope that this post's reach has lead to more visits and orders for BlackBerry bakery.

ThisL post made it's way to the New Hampshire Reddit thread and that's where I saw it. A lot of people left positive comments about BlackBerry Bakery.

"I've been there several times. Ridiculously good quality, some of the best pastries I've ever had. Absolutely worth every penny you can afford to spend if you're in the area."


"They have these amazing chocolate cream long cake like things, I don’t know what they’re called but my boss used to buy them for us and they’re to die for. Delicious cupcakes too!"


"I’ll be going in soon! They made me and my wife’s wedding cake 11 years ago. They’re fantastic!"


If you live in the Londonderry area, our friends at Blackberry Bakery could use a little extra love right now. Check them out on Facebook or swing by their store at 44 Nashua Road, Londonderry NH.

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