I joined the New Hampshire Brewed Facebook group a few months ago and I'm so glad I did! I am discovering so many new breweries in our fine state. Like Pipe Dream Brewing in Londonderry!

Pipe Dream Brewing is a Veteran Owned brewery with West Coast inspired beer. They carry a wide selection of beers; sours, blondes, IPAs and everything in between. Their beers also have really fun names which always make me giggle such as "Adult Nuggets IPA" and "What up, Beaches? IPA".

And now...from the brilliant minds that brought us Cinnamon Toast Crunch Stout, Unicorn Poop Sour Ale, and Pumpkin French Toast beer comes the new libations that are blowing beer drinker's minds:

First, let's talk about Tropical Juice Sour Ale. According to Pipe Dream's Facebook post, this beer is a wild golden sour ale aged on 900lbs of ripe Mangos and Pineapples creating a summertime party in your mouth! (drool emoji) It is 5.7% so its a little bit heavier than the average light beer but still really refreshing and easy to drink! This deliciousness is available on tap all weekend long.

Pipe Dream Brewing via Facebook
Pipe Dream Brewing via Facebook

Next up we have Maltzah Blueberry Lemon which sounds right up my alley. According to the folks at Pipe Dream, this malt based beer was aged on hundreds of pounds of Blueberries and Lemons. At 4% they compare this beer to a hard seltzer (which are so trendy right now) This one is only available in cans or on tap at the brewery in Londonderry.

We have some perfect beer drinkin' weather on tap (pun intended) this weekend. Pipe Dream will have their outdoor seating set up so celebrate spring with these fruity new brews.

Check out their hours and menus on their website.

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