Lobsters and Maine. Lobsters and New England. They go pretty much hand in hand with one another.

But while most people either think of the brown-colored lobster or the bright-red cooked ones, those aren't the only colors seen on these clawed sea creatures.

In fact, there's a variety of other colors that lobsters can be. Each one has its own rarity level, with the albino one being the rarest. That's at a cool 1 in 100 million odds.

It's like winning the lottery. And who doesn't want to win the lottery?

Well, we've got a bunch of rare and wicked awesome colored lobsters that have been found in Maine and New England for you to look at. (And there might just be a few Canada ones snuck in, but close enough, right?)

Take a Look at These Super Rare, Crazy-Colored Lobsters Found in Maine, New England

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