If we all have to wear masks now in public, they might as well be fashionable! I've seen everything from a Harry Potter mask, a tie die mask, even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask. This entire situation is anxiety educing and just down right depressing so don't let anyone shame you if you want to rock a fun mask to the grocery store. We need to get our jollies where we can.

The New Hampshire based drumming group Recycled Percussion took to their Facebook page to announce that they have come out with their own branded Chaos and Kindess mask and they are all kinds of awesome!

Recycled Percussion via Facebook
Recycled Percussion via Facebook

These masks were made right here in America so they are stimulating the economy, keeping jobs going, all that good stuff. They expect that some people will shame them for not giving these masks away for free. They want it to be known that they will be donating thousands of masks for healthcare workers on the front line but as you can imagine, these masks were difficult for them to make.

They are first come first serve so grab yours here before they are all gone!

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