Traveling back in time sounds like a great idea for Christmas.  While I don’t have a way of doing that, you can pretend by taking a sleigh ride through the snow.  It’s like being in a Jane Austen movie.  Or perhaps you fancy yourself an Emily Dickenson?  Wherever your imagination takes you, a carriage or sleigh ride in the snow is magical.  According to, there is a winter wonderland nearby where you can partake in this old fashion tradition of dashing through the snow.

Hopefully, there is some snow in North Conway, NH soon so the folks at the Farm by the River Bed & Breakfast can delight you with a sleigh ride.  The Farm by the River Bed & Breakfast offers many activities that include horses.  If there is no snow, they offer carriage rides.  What could be more romantic than a Victorian Carriage ride?  I can’t think of a better way to admire the nature and amazing outdoor scenery we have in New Hampshire. You will need a reservation for the sleigh ride and make sure you grab some hot chocolate!

Whether you are looking for a romantic activity or something for the family this would make a very special Christmas activity according to  They do have sleigh or carriage rides for four available.  You can check out their website for some incredible photos and learn more about the experiences they offer.  Also, contact them for any changes due to COVID restrictions.  With the case count racking up in our area, there may be changes to any activities so always call or check online in advance for any activity you embark on this season.



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