The summer of the shark has passed, but the sharks seen off the Cape aren’t hanging around our beaches now. Looks like it's safe to go swimming now.

According to CNN, you can track the sharks as they vacation or spend the winter months around the Florida coastline.

OCEARCH has tagged several Great White Sharks and they seemed to seem to prefer hanging out between Jacksonville and Daytona Beach.  The water temperatures are ideal for them this time of year at about 65-67 degrees.

It turns out that the Great White Sharks are the original snowbirds.

One particular shark that was tracked off Massachusetts this year named Ironbound made a beeline for the Florida coast, according to CNN.

On October 8 he was just off the coast of Massachusetts and now he is swimming around Jacksonville, Florida.  Ironbound is 12 feet long and weighs in at 988 pounds.  Tagging Great White Sharks has given scientists new data about shark behavior and may help us predict patterns in their travels and discover where they breed.

Fischer, a scientist with OCEARCH tells CNN that “it’s a matter of time and a little bit of money.  In the next few years, we’re going to have the complete life history of the North Atlantic white shark solved.”

I’m just hoping we find a way to keep them away from the New England coastline this summer.

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