Massachusetts-based company, 'Bullet Blocker' says it's seen an uptick in sales following the latest school shooting that happened in Florida recently. Bullet Blocker is based in Lowell and was started in 2007 by Joe Curran, a father and former Deputy Sheriff and firearms instructor.

The company utilizes the latest DuPont Kevlar technologies, and each of their products is independently tested and certified.

An article in the Boston Herald quotes Curran as saying, 'we are definitely seeing an increase in sales — to parents, grandparents, some school systems, teachers. Greater than usual in Florida, but yes, all over the country and world. The orders have been fast and furious.'

Not only does Bullet Blocker manufacture backpacks, they have several other bullet resistant products including, clothing, briefcases and pocketbooks. (you can get a complete product listing here). 

Credit Bullet Blocker FB Page
Credit Bullet Blocker FB Page

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