All the 'yah dude,' references to 'bub,' and the ever-endearing direction of what to do with your 'cah' (pro tip: pahhhk it) has many a New England small towner rolling their eyes. Thinking that everywhere but their local spot has to be cooler and maybe, just a little more culturally refined.

Maybe so, but the rest of the country is eating it up.

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According to the Bangor Daily News, an international travel company conducted a poll to find out which accents people consider the sexiest in America. New England placed two in the top five! Big Seven asked 1.5 million or so social media followers about accents heard across the United States of America.

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Coming in at #2 was Boston, and Big Seven Travel said "One of America’s most imitated and parodied accents, Boston almost comes out on top of the country’s sexiest accents." Yes, aside from the authentic locals, every Boston movie gets it wrong.

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#4 on the list is Maine's Downeast accent. Big Seven states "If you’re a real “Mainah”, you’ll drop your ‘r’s, go to “yoger” class instead of yoga and add in wicked to make every adjective extra powerful.

Ed note: To break into broadcasting, I did vocal exercises to tone down an authentic Maine accent. It's still there. Who knew!?