Some people are perfectly content doing life solo. There's no one to answer to, you can be selfish with your time, you don't have to spend half of your life savings on kids, etc.

Other people want nothing but to find someone to tackle life with. Buy that first house together, become pet parents to some kind of animal, create a family together, etc.

The rest of people? Probably caught somewhere in between.

Mindy Sabiston
Mindy Sabiston

Best Cities for Singles

Recently, like it seems they do weekly (and even almost daily), WalletHub released another one of their lists -- this time covering the Best Cities for Singles.

Believe it or not -- Maine was just shy of the Top 20, with Portland checking in as the 21st-best city for singles according to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

Is Portland, Maine Really a Singles Hotspot?

Before this experience, I'd say yes, without a doubt. Because there is so much to do in and around the city from axe throwing and geeking out in arcade bars to going on ferry rides and more -- you'd think it'd be a singles gold mine.

One problem, though. You have to get passed all the snark, first.

Daniil Onischenko
Daniil Onischenko

This article was actually going to be something completely different before taking the turn it's about to. Because after seeing the results of the WalletHub survey, we wanted to brag on the best spots in and around Portland for singles to meet someone.

But instead, here are some of the answers we got when asking about the best places in and around Portland for singles.

"It's 2022 - don't people meet online now?" - Eric Meadows (he's not necessarily wrong)


"Why would I want to do that?" - Shawn Lemieux


"What do you mean 'meet?' What's that?" - Anthony Marshall


"Treasure Chest 2" - Tyler Hilchey (Google it)


"666 Congress St." - Cody Brown-Meehan (The address of an 'adult' know the kind.)


"200 Riverside St, Portland" - Maine's #1 source for Ridiculous news (The address for an adult entertainment location)

There are plenty of other suggestions -- mostly sarcastic and snarky (which I'm pretty sure is the Maine way, which isn't necessarily a bad thing) -- but a couple of helpful ones, including Gritty's, Taco Escobarr, and $3 Deweys (thanks, Joe Dunbar!)

So, is Portland actually one of the best cities for singles? If you're thick-skinned, sarcastic, and have a dry sense of humor? Hell yeah. But if you're a sensitive soul, there's a good chance Portland will eat you alive.

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