New England is already known for its aggressive (or as some might say, “impatient”) driving. But according to a new survey by the language tutoring service Preply, it turns out we’re a bit pushy in at least one other area.


In fact, three New England states cracked the top ten for fastest talking in the U.S.

Unsurprisingly (which I can say, as I was born and went to college there), Massachusetts was tops in the region for rapid-fire dialogue. Finishing 6th overall, Massachusetts averages 5.28 syllables per second.

That’s a lot to decipher at once. So, it should come as no surprise that Massachusetts residents often choose to express their feelings via a simple hand gesture (or the “state bird”).

Just behind Massachusetts, however, is New Hampshire! In fact, the Granite State is in a virtual tie with its neighbor to the south.

This comes as something of a surprise, given New Hampshire’s many serene beaches and its impressive showing in a recent study on states with the least stress.

But there it is. Granite Staters average roughly 5.28 syllables per second.

Barely cracking the top ten? Vermont. Again, something of a surprise. Known for the easygoing vibe of Ben & Jerry’s and legendary jam band Phish, you’d think people would take it slower (Bernie Sanders not withstanding).

Not according to Preply, Vermont residents average 5.23 syllables per second (though it’s possible many of those are just stops and starts from Bob Newhart’s tentative character in the classic TV series Newhart).

It appears there is a theme when it comes to the quick-quipping colonies (and other states in the top ten). Also in the top ten: Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, and Nebraska.

My theory: when it’s incredibly cold and you just want to get in out of the snow, you say what you need to say!

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