As a dog lover I can only imagine the agony a family in Bryant Pond, Maine went through last week during that huge snowstorm. The Silver family...including Sophie, their 13-year-old yellow lab...headed out to shovel and plow.

When finished, according to WGME, Sophia was nowhere to be found. The Silvers said they weren't too worried about it...until the next day. As the snow piled up and the temperatures dropped, the family told WGME, they imagined the worst.

So like everyone these days, the family took to Facebook to look for help. Over the next few days they continued to search everywhere for Sophie. One night suddenly turned into five…and still no Sophie.

Then on the fifth day…while out plowing, a relative told WGME he saw something pop up out of a snowbank. At first he thought it was a deer. But then he saw it again...and realized it was Sophie. She had been stuck in a snowbank for five days.

They needed a plow to help get her out…but thankfully, she is ok. She lost 5 pounds, but otherwise is in good shape.

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