It’s been a long time since we have seen gas prices this low. Check the Gas Buddy app to find the lowest prices in your area. The App showed that the price per gallon at the Town Line Deli in Waterboro, Maine was just $1.99 on Wednesday according to WMTW. You could fill up at Lake Side Fuels for just $1.99 on Wednesday.

Russia and Saudi Arabia’s disagreements are keeping oil prices low which is good for gas prices but there is no telling on how long these low prices will remain or even how low gas prices will fall.

WMTW reports that AAA says the national average for the price of gas is down to $2.34. It might be time to top off your tank even if you aren’t on empty with prices this low. I am enjoying the low prices and may plan a few road trips to enjoy the price drop. I am always on the lookout to save a buck or two.


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