For the record, this doesn't go for all Mainers. But a select few.

Pickleball Popularity

Toward the start of the pandemic and the deeper into isolation we all got, the more we would try and find ways to get out, get active and get interactive with people. At least, as much as it was humanly possible or allowed.

And it turned out that one of the ways we found an outlet to do that was through the sport of pickleball.

Vox via YouTube
Vox via YouTube

What is Pickleball?

According to the official USA Pickleball website, pickleball basically combines tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. You can play in singles or doubles and it operates like the above sports listed -- snag a paddle, hit a ball (which is essentially a plastic wiffle ball with holes in it) over the net, and don't let the ball hit the ground on your side.

And also sort of like the above sports listed, it's also pretty much open and fun for any age from little kiddo to senior citizen.

Maine Pickleball Hate

So here's where it gets interesting. Last week, CBS 13 ran a story about some Mainers having a strong dislike of pickleball and actually finding it annoying. And really, at the end of the day, it was all about the noise it creates when the pickleball hits the paddle.

Back and forth. Over and over. For hours.

Venti Views
Venti Views

But honestly, is the hate just focused in one area in Maine (and even the bordering New Hampshire?) Because in that CBS 13 story, a lot of neighbors that live next to or close to the York Paddle Tennis and Pickleball Club were the ones quoted as mentioning it's annoying.

But I've noticed something over the years -- I feel like that's super on-brand with that whole area. I remember back in the day when I'd work events in Portsmouth, New Hampshire -- and I'm talking charity events like an Alzheimer's Walk or a Heart Walk -- and would get yelled at for making any kind of noise.

Joan Azeka
Joan Azeka

And look, before all of Southern Maine and the Seacoast of New Hampshire try to set me on fire, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with hoping for some peace and quiet when you're home.

But also, at some point, you can't expect people to be in a public place and have to tiptoe around because you personally want there to be nothing but silence outside of birds chirping.

That said, there was a quote in the CBS 13 story that made mention to neighbors hearing the pickleball noises from the outdoor courts as late as 9p. But also, to its credit, the York Paddle Tennis and Pickleball Club told CBS 13 about plans to install a six-foot sound-dampening fence on two sides of the courts.

So, maybe with a little more patience and time, the problem will be solved sooner than later and there will be no lameness or interruptions anywhere anymore.

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