According to WMTW, a lobsterman named Ren Dorr from Harrington, Maine saw something quite unusual on his boat yesterday. Dorr and his crew spotted a deer trying to keep afloat about five miles from the Harrington coast. The poor thing probably went in the water for an afternoon dip and was dragged out by the current. I can relate, as I am not a strong swimmer either.

Dorr said on Facebook he couldn't possibly leave the deer to undoubtedly drown so he and his crew pulled the little guy aboard. This must have been a tough haul! Deer have a reputation for being quite skittish around humans. This deer must have sensed that this was his lifeline and he better accept the help.

Once their new passenger was safe and sound, they sailed 30 minutes to drop him off at a nearby beach.  What a crazy day! That deer is going to have quite the story to tell his family!

Ren and his crew are being commended for their heroic act. His post has been shared over 4,500 times. Way to go guys!

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