After closing their doors in 2020, the Maine State Aquarium has some good news.

According to an article by Booth Bay Register, the Maine State Aquarium anticipates being open for the summer of 2023 with some new exhibits.

While they hoped and planned to be open for 2022, the Aquarium used the extra time to fix structural issues that needed to be addressed. According to a Facebook post, the building is nearly 30 years old, so repairs were no surprise.

Good news can be celebrated all around this summer's aquarium reopening. Burnt Island will also be back open after its 200th anniversary.

Accessible only by boat or kayak, "this historic site is an exceptional educational and recreational facility for teachers, school children, summer visitors and boaters," according to the Department of Marine Resources. "Come learn about Burnt Island’s history, visit its working lighthouse, meet former keepers, and explore its five-acre island."

Other in-person learning experiences will be available this summer.

"Plans are moving forward to open the Learning Lab this summer as well," according to the Facebook post. "This interactive space will offer opportunities to explore the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and DMR science up close and personal."

In addition to opening Burnt Island and the Learning Lab with in-person experiences, The Maine Aquarium is dedicated to sharing more on social media pages in real time. So, if you are unable to experience in-person learning, you can visit any of the social media channels including Facebook,  InstagramLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

To learn more about the exhibits, see below.

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