Lynda Doughty gets the call whenever marine wildlife is in trouble along the 2,500 miles of New England coastline. The Harpswell, Maine resident has had a passion for marine wildlife from her youth. She went on to become a marine biologist to pursue that passion of helping animals from harbor seals to sea turtles.

CNN reports that after spending years working for non-profit agencies protecting wildlife the funding dried up. Unstoppable, Lynda Doughty created her own non-profit, Marine Mammals of Maine, to provide emergency response assistance and medical care for marine mammals in distress. Since 2011, CNN reports that her non-profit has helped nearly 3,000 animals.

Her nonprofit helps return animals to the wild in addition to responding to calls regarding deceased seals, whales, dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles. Marine Mammals of Maine collects data from animal autopsies to monitor the human impact on marine mammals and diseases that may be carried by them. Lynda also provides invaluable educational resources to local communities to aid and support marine conservation. It’s nice to see a local being recognized for such a tireless effort for our wildlife.


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