There have been a lot of changes to the way people dine out at restaurants here in Maine in 2020. The pandemic has altered that business more than anyone could have imagined, and that includes fast-casual places as well. Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has grown in popularity throughout Maine in recent years, is no exception. So as Chipotle constructed their latest location in Auburn, they decided to add a little hitch to fit with the challenge of current times.

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According to the Sun-Journal, the new Auburn location at 410 Center Street is the first Chipotle in Maine to feature a "chipotlane", a drive-thru lane commonly found at fast food joints. It'll prove to be invaluable over the next several months, as limits continue to persist with indoor dining. Fans of the restaurant chain in other cities like Portland and South Portland are probably staring at the "chipotlane" with a little jealousy. Here's another Chipotle location with a drive-thru and what you can expect to see.

There are no limits to the drive-thru lane in terms of ordering versus going inside the restaurant. The only thing patrons may miss is being able to customize the amount of each ingredient they receive on their burrito, taco or salad.

Chipotle replaces the defunct Krispy Kreme location that had a very short run in Auburn. The "chipotlane" is open until 10pm seven nights a week.

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