Another major sports franchise could be on their way to New England!

According to Boston Globe, the parent company of the Boston Red Sox is looking to purchase another major franchise.

Fenway Sports Group is looking to add a  "NHL, NBA, NFL, WNBA, MLS, or NWSL (team) to join the Red Sox and Roush Fenway Racing”.

The group has not bid on any other franchises in the twenty years they've owned the Red Sox, but now may be the perfect time.

This obviously could be a hugely profitable business. According to NBC Boston, the New England Patriots are the second most valuable NFL team on Forbes List.

In 1994, when Robert Kraft first bought the team they were worth about 172 million.  As of September, the Patriots are currently valued at 4.4 billion dollars!

According to, The Boston Red Sox are worth 3.3 billion dollars, and the Boston Celtics aren't far behind at 3.1 billion.

Our other favorite New England team, The Boston Bruins, are valued at 1 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine.

So, it looks like adding any team to New England turns into a money making juggernaut.

I found an interesting video on how you could invest and be a part owner of the Red Sox.  Check it out!

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