Everything went great with the adoption of Grayson today.  Airial says that they rounded off the day with lunch at Wendy's in Dover, NH. Wendy’s and The Dave Thomas Foundation support children in foster care throughout the country.

Abe came through with flying colors. Check out some of the pics!



This story just makes my heart feel good.

There's a five year old boy in the Portsmouth area who is about to be adopted tomorrow. His one wish? To be taken to the ceremony in a dump truck!

That's where Airial Doubleday Sillanpaa, President of NHFAPA, comes in. She reached out on the Unofficial City of Portsmouth Facebook page looking for help after the truck they had secured experienced engine troubles.

Sillanpaa was looking for a tri-axel dump truck to surprise 5 year old Grayson with, and was even willing to pay for it to make his dreams come true.

Comments started pouring in, and sure enough, Abe McGuire, owner and operator of McGuire LLC Excavation & Landscaping is coming to the rescue. Abe was a familiar name to a lot of people on Facebook.  Here are some of their comments:

Meghan says:

"I had a really crappy Monday and this really cheered me up."

Michael says:

"Abe from the time I first meet you I knew you had a kind and compassionate heart great work out of you my friend".

I talked to Abe about what made him want to help out:

"I don’t think I know a truck driver that would turn down an opportunity like that. We like it more than the kids when they do the fist pump for us to blow the horns. Sounds like it’s going to be a memorable moment for the boy and we are just lucky to be a part of it."

Sillanpaa tells us that Grayson joining their family will make six kids under the age of ten! Grayson is their fourth child adopted from foster care and Sillanpaa says that meeting their family, you wouldn't suspect the amount of trauma the kids have gone through.

Sillanpaa says:

"In order for us to adopt him, it also means he could not live with his birth mother anymore. As a result, when he asked for a dump truck ride-I really wanted him to have that. Yes, Abe heard that we needed to find a truck and he simply said: “Count me in”. That’s kind of what foster care is all about, supporting others in so many ways. ❤️"
New Hampshire is in grave need of homes for kids just like Grayson.  To find out more, please visit NHFapa.org.


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