Anyone who has ever rowed in real life (or used the rowing machine in the gym) knows how exhausting the task is.

I mean, I can only go about 30-45 seconds on the rower in the gym before needing a break.

Well, one man from Boston, Massachusetts, is doing a lot more than 30-45 seconds of rowing. In fact, he is rowing all day...for 50 days straight.

US Army veteran Bryan Fuller has set out to break a record and become the first person to successfully row across the Northern Atlantic from Boston to London.

As crazy as it may seem, “It doesn’t feel crazy to me,” said Fuller, according to a Boston 25 News article. “It does seem crazy to a normal person because of the scale. It’s so big.”

Fuller estimates the trip will take about 50 days to complete.

And if you are anything like me, you are wondering what the rowboat looks like. Because there is no way a traditional rowboat is making it across the Atlantic. And no, this is not a "traditional" rowboat.

The 28-foot rowboat will hold four people. In addition to Fuller and his first mate Dr. John Lowry, a Virginia marketing professional, Elizabeth Gilmore, and a mortgage director from England, Klara Anstey, will be along for the ride, according to a CBS News article.

Impressively, the rowing duo of Fuller and Lowry (and the additional two people) will not be making any stops along the way.

That means everything they need for food, water, potential injury, etc. must be on the 28-foot boat for the duration of the trip

Fuller's trip across the Atlantic is raising funds for community rowing in Boston.

As a veteran, Fuller credits rowing for changing his life. His goal is to help other veterans connect with the sport, hopefully bringing them the same joy that rowing has brought Fuller.

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