Doorknob sign or not, no one was able to avoid being disturbed this morning at the Hilton Garden Inn.

According to the Union Leader, Police and firefighters cleared the hotel this morning, shortly before 9:30am. The building, located just outside Northeast Delta Dental Stadium in the city's Millyard, reportedly had the word “Bomb” written inside.

This would be the second time the hotel guests were told to leave the building. According to a police news release, hotel employees and 49 guests originally were evacuated when someone activated a fire alarm. As they went back inside, an employee noticed the graffiti, written in pencil, in a stairwell of the property at 101 So. Commercial St. An officer and K-9 made a sweep to search for any threat, but reportedly did not turn up any. By around 11:30, a spokesperson from the hotel told the Union leader the situation was under control. All guests were safe and the hotel is now back open for business.



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