2020 has been a bust for most of us but for a pastry chef who hails from Londonderry, New Hampshire, it hasn't been all bad. According to Manchester Link, Earlier this year Jon Buatti has an incoming call on his cell from LA. Like many of us, when Jon saw the call from an unknown number he sent it straight to voicemail assuming it was spam. However, the person left a voicemail and that voicemail changed everything.

Turns out The Food Network was on the hunt for male bakers and pastry chefs to compete on their Holiday Baking Championship. The voicemail was inviting John to audition. To this the 27-year-old chef said hell to the yes. Jon is competitive by nature and was excited at the prospect of featuring on this nationally-televised show.

It was a long series of Skype interviews followed by weeks of the waiting game but alas, the call came through! He was selected to be one of the 12 competitors. John was flown out to LA this past Summer to film.

Jon has worked long and hard for this moment! He studied baking and pastry arts and culinary management at SNHU and worked for years at Sugar & Spice Bake Shoppe in Windham. Last December his family bought Michelle's Bakery on Union St. in Manchester and renamed it Bearded Baking Co which is referring to Jon's epic and burly beard.

Overall, Jon said the whole experience was incredible and given the chance he would do it again! We will be watching Holiday Baking Championship and rooting this bearded baker on! The fun kicks off Monday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

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