Chio and I do our "Good Stuff" segment twice daily on the morning show. When you turn on the news you hear nothing but negativity whether its politics, murder, natural disasters, etc. It's hard to have a positive outlook on life when we are constantly bombarded with BAD NEWS. That's why we think the "Good Stuff" is so important. We share stories from all over the country but we get extra excited when we have a story that took place in Northern New England. Our listener Bridget forwarded this story to me today and I'm so glad she did. It is precious and amazing.

This story takes place at Eliot hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to the Facebook post, two-year-old patient in the Pediatric Unit thought a hug from a police officer would ensure he’d feel 100% better after his time at the hospital. He felt so passionately about this he wouldn’t accept a discharge until he got a hug from a boy in blue. LacyJane Cremmen, who works as a Certified Child Life Specialist, got to work! Manchester NH Police Officer Tony was on duty in the hospital’s Emergency Department, so Lacyjane arranged for him to make a special visit. The patient got his hug  PLUS a really special badge ceremony send-off!

Way to go to LacyJane and Officer Tony who went above and beyond to get this patient the "medicine" he needed for a full recovery :)

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