Some feel-good news is just the note to hear at this tough time. The Friends of Farmington has gathered together to organize volunteer mask makers. According to, the masks will be distributed to organizations, businesses, and families in need. They continue to seek volunteers to help sew. My wife sews masks for her co-workers and friends. It’s nice to see all the money she spent on craft supplies paying off!

If you aren’t the crafty type or are unable to sew, you can still help. The Friends of Farmington is asking for donations of fabric or elastic. Did you buy a bunch of fabric for a project you now know you will never complete? Now is your chance to help with a donation. My wife was going to make a quilt but just could not find the time, so she has repurposed the fabric to mask making.

Organizations in the area such as Meals on Wheels are in need of masks according to The FoF also are in need of volunteers to pick up and deliver masks and donations. You can contact FoF by emailing or by calling Sylvia Arcouette at (6030 923-2194. I love seeing the community banding together.


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