Some of us love the idea of Valentine's Day, the gift-giving, the red roses, love in air, all the feels. While others, can't stand the day because it put so much pressure on you to have a significant other to share the day with.

Whatever side you're on for Valentine's Day 2019, Massachusetts-based Polar Seltzer has a bubbly water that's right up your alley!

The Worcester-based company came out with two limited-edition Valentine's themed seltzers (as they do for many holidays and seasons).

For the lovers, you can chose from romantic sayings like 'You Quench My Thirst' red hearts seltzer, which is made with natural fruit flavors including PASSION fruit and LOVING peach!

For those of you not into all the lovey dovey stuff, there's sayings like 'I'd Rather Drink Alone' black hearts seltzer, which is made with BlackBURY and ChamPAIN.

You got to hurry though, if you want some of this Polar Selzter small batch seltzer. It won't be around too much longer!

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