Good news is that the driver walked away from this freak accident, according to WCVB 5 ABC. It’s amazing that the driver of the vehicle did not suffer more serious injuries.

The ladder crashed through the windshield of a vehicle traveling on Interstate 95 in Foxborough on Tuesday, the news station reported.

The pictures are just crazy. If the angle of the ladder had been just an inch or two towards the right, the driver would not have walked away from this tragic incident.

It is believed that the ladder flew off a commercial vehicle. WCVB 5 ABC says the son of the victim said she suffered some cuts to her face and mouth from the flying glass but was treated and released from the hospital.

I don’t know how this accident could have been avoided but please take care when driving.

If you are traveling with loose objects, make sure they are tied down properly. My wife travels with her kayaks strapped to the top of her Mini Cooper and she is obsessive about them being strapped down tight and uses additional tow lines to lock them down in case of a rack failure. Let’s be careful on our roads.


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