Two staples of the circus, plus elephants and other wild animals in traveling circuses would be banned under a pair of bills Massachusetts.

Many of us grew up being wowed at the sight of elephants, and anyone who dared tame lions and tigers. Now,  family trip to the circus might look much different under a pair of proposals in Massachusetts. According to NECN, new bills would prohibit traveling performances by elephants, primates, bears and lions and other big cats. One was launched in the Senate, and a very similar one has been proposed in the Massachusetts House.

For those who regularly attend the zoo, these bills would not eliminate the animals as attractions. According to NECN, the potential laws would not apply to "a non-mobile, permanent institution" such as the Stone Zoo in Stoneham.

Violators would pay a hefty price. According to NECN, anyone who violates the measure would be subject to a penalty of between $500 and $10,000 per animal.

That's right, 10 grand per animal.


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